Gala concert of male choirs in the...

Dear followers,

we invite You to the Gala concert of male choirs in the grand hall of the Croatian Music Institute which will take place on the November 9th 2019. at 20.00 hours.

The concert will present two of the largest male choirs in the Croatian Republic, whoose performances will create a unique spectacle in the city of Zagreb that wasn't seen for decades.

As guests from the city of Split comes the City Choir "Brodosplit", well known by their numerous achivements on national and international competitions. As hosts and the largest male choir in the state is the Academic male choir of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

Tickets can be bought at the cashier of the Croatian Music Institute for a symbollic price of 30.00 HRK. The working hours of the cashier is from 11.00 to 13.00 and from 18.00 to 20.00 every working day.

Author: Juraj Fulir
Return from the tour in Paris

Arriving in Zagreb 10.04.2019. ended the 6 day tour of the Academic male choir of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing to Paris, France. The Choir performed 3 regular and 1 unplanned concert in front of numerous listeners of Parisian intellectuals and music lovers. The tour was supported by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Croatia.

How was it? Read below.

Author: Juraj Fulir
Tour in Paris, France

In less then a month we embark on a five day international tour in Paris, France. In the very centre of Paris, a city known for its love towards art, we will hold several concerts performing selected compositions, in cooperation with the City Choir of Paris, from our repertoire. Besides Paris, we will visit several other cities, such as Strasbourg, Versailles and Münich.

The tour is supported by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Croatia.

On the tour we will be escorted by our lovely guests with whome we'll share this unforgettable experience.
From the depths of our hearts, we thank you!

And thank You, dear visitor, for following us digitally through various media on our grand journey.

Author: Juraj Fulir
Return from tour in Kosovo

In the early morning hour we landed on croatian soil and concluded our tour to Kosovo.

Lead by our prefect prof. dr. sc. Mislav Grgić and our conductor mo. Josip degl' Ivellio in only three days we help 4 concerts in several cities in Kosovo with Croatian singing club “Slavulj’’ from Petrinja and the Kosovan choir "Siparantum Choir". We also had an opportunity to perform a few appropriate songs at the Patriarchate of Peć. We are especially gratefull to the conductor and composer Memli Kelmendi, his organizational team and other associates on their heartily hospitality and indescribable generosity.
Goodbye Kosovo! Thank you for everything!

You can find our events on social networks using the hashtag: #akmuzkosovotour

Author: Juraj Fulir
Tour in Kosovo

Dear friends,
first of all we wish You a blessed and happy Easter!

In exactly two days we travel on our tour to Kosovo with the Croatian singing club “Slavulj’’ from Petrinja. The tour was organized with the Kosovan choir "Siparantum Choir"  under the guidance of conductor and composer Memli Kelmendi. The choir visited us in the middle of last year and held several concerts in Zagreb and Petrinja. We are very thrilled that we can return the visit and represent FER and croatian culture. Throughout three days we'll hold 4 concerts in several Kosovar cities, perform over 20 compositions from our repertoire and participate in the DAM festival, an international festival of young musicians in Prishtina.

You can follow our news and events on social networks using the hashtag: #akmuzkosovotour

Author: Juraj Fulir
Continuing the season

After the short winter break we hit the stages again.
We started with a tour in Kašteli and the commemoration of 200 years of Petar Preradović's birth in Pitomača and Grabrovnica where we introduced new pieces in our repertoaire and refreshed older ones.

Next week we travel on another tour, to Kosovo. The tour was organized in collaboration with Memli Kelmendi, conductor of Siparantum Choir founded less than a year ago. The choir visited us last year and demonstrated their quality and spirit on several locations in Zagreb and Petrinja, including in on FER. We are traveling with choir „Slavulj“ from Petrinja and are preparing for grand concerts on several locations in Kosovo, which you can find in the events section. If you find yourself nearby, make sure you come to these concerts.

News of our events can also be followed on social networks.

Author: Juraj Fulir
Choirs official photo

The very first official choir photograpy session was conducted 3th of May 2017.

We're honored by being photographed with our prefect prof. dr. sc. Mislav Grgić and conductor Josip degl' Ivellio.

A hearty thanks to dr. sc. Ana Sović and dr. sc. Hrvoje Hegeduš for taking the time to take photos of the choir from our prefectconductor and us.

Author: Juraj Fulir
Tour in Italy

In a few days we start our first tour.

We'll visit several Italian cities, but the roads will take us to our main destination - Rome.

Through those 5 days we'll have lots of performances and events. Therefore we invite You to follow us here on our official site and through social media.

Author: Juraj Fulir
We wish you a geeky π-day!

Today on the 14th of March (3.14.) engineers and mathematicians around the planet celebrate one of the most influential mathematical constants we know today.

Author: Juraj Fulir
We proudly present to You our web page

Dear friends of the Academic male choir of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing,

after 3 months and 14 days of work on the choir's site, on PI day the first version of the web page is online.

We belive the web page will give you all the information you need about our choir, performances and members. 

In case you still have some questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us.

See you on some future events and enjoy your and our AKMUZ FER.

Author: Juraj Fulir
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Merry and blessed Christmas and a happy new year from the Academic male choir of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

Below, you can enjoy in popular christmas songs from the christmas concert "U susret Božiću 2019.", organized by the "Brethren of the Croatian Dragon":

Author: Juraj Fulir