Return from the tour in Paris

Arriving in Zagreb 10.04.2019. ended the 6 day tour of the Academic male choir of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing to Paris, France. The Choir performed 3 regular and 1 unplanned concert in front of numerous listeners of Parisian intellectuals and music lovers. The tour was supported by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Croatia.

How was it? Read below.

On Saturday 6.04. after well needed rest we went to the town center where we visited some of the most popular Parisian landmarks. We visited the grand Basilica of the Sacred Heart on Montmartre (Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre) whose cultural variety of architecture resembles the variety of faculties from which our choir members come. Our guide through the large city was Mladen Kahlina. We are thankful to him for sharing his knowledge with us and for guiding us through the entangled Parisian traffic.

In the evening we held our first Parisian concert in the church Notre-Dame des Blancs-Manteaux. The concert was held with the Parisian city choir Le Chœur de la Cité who welcomed us with joy and exquisite singing. Listening in the public was the croatian ambassador in France, Filip Vučak. We are extremely grateful to our hosts Le Chœur de la Cité and the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in the French Republic for their invitation and hospitality.

On Sunday 7.04. we participated in the Holy Mass in the church Saints Cyrille et Méthode of the croatian mission in Paris, after which we held a short concert. Our hosts gave us unsurpassable hospitality and for a moment awoke in us the feeling of home. From the bottom of our hearts we thank You for restrengthening our souls and bodies.

After socializing with our we hurried through the net of Parisian streets to our next concert, in the church Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois in the very center of Paris.

Again, we held the concert with the Parisian city choir Le Chœur de la Cité with whom we said farewell and wished meeting them again soon.

On Monday 8.04. we visited the renowned Sorbonne University on request of the retired prof. Henrik Heger Juričan who welcomed us with lots of joy.

Alongside professor, we were welcomed by the vice-dean of the Sorbonne University, prof. dr. Frédéric Billiet and the head of security who allowed us entry to the chapel where we performed with a couple of songs from our repertoire in front of professors.

Rest of the day we visited various Parisian landmarks and enjoyed the wonderful ambience of the grand city. We visited the grand Louvre museum which contains traces of millennia of human culture and craft. In the evening we embarked on a ride over the quiet Seine which gave us an unsurpassable atmosphere and a unique view of the city lights.

On Tuesday 9.04. we visited the rich palace Versailles and its vast gardens, climbed the elegant Eiffel tower and took a walk through the lovely Parisian streets.

The Croatian ambassador Filip Vučak asked the Choir to perform at his lecture in the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in the French Republic. Selected members of the Choir performed a couple of songs in front of numerous Parisian intellectuals and diplomats. This was our last performance of the tour after which we said farewell to the grand Paris, city of lights and love.

On Wednesday 10.04. on our way home, we took a side trip in Munich to the famed museum of science and technology 'Deutsches Museum' which woke our curiosity and lead us through the history of science and technology.

A special thanks is in order for our beloved guests who faithfully accompanied us on our performances and gave us unforgettable company. Thank You for your company and we hope you will share with us unforgettable moments like these in the tours to come.

Author: Juraj Fulir
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