Continuing the season

After the short winter break we hit the stages again.
We started with a tour in Kašteli and the commemoration of 200 years of Petar Preradović's birth in Pitomača and Grabrovnica where we introduced new pieces in our repertoaire and refreshed older ones.

Next week we travel on another tour, to Kosovo. The tour was organized in collaboration with Memli Kelmendi, conductor of Siparantum Choir founded less than a year ago. The choir visited us last year and demonstrated their quality and spirit on several locations in Zagreb and Petrinja, including in on FER. We are traveling with choir „Slavulj“ from Petrinja and are preparing for grand concerts on several locations in Kosovo, which you can find in the events section. If you find yourself nearby, make sure you come to these concerts.

News of our events can also be followed on social networks.


Author: Juraj Fulir
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