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Special hospital for chronic diseases of child age, Gornja Bistra

On Saturday we held the most important concert since the Choir's inception. We sang to the children of the Special hospital for chronic diseases of child age Gornja Bistra as part of our humanitary action "Notes of love for children in Bistra" we started in November.

These children reminded us that we should be grateful for every day because we are given the chance to independently and freely take choices which affect our live. They unfortunately cannot do this because they depend on the help of doctors, hospital personnel and volunteers. They remind us that happiness can be found in small things which we easily forget or ignore. We should stop once in a while and ask ourselves is this "happiness" we seek truly necessary? Or have we already found it but not recognized it because it is a part of our everydays, one that these children unfortunately miss? Our luck and joy is in health, family and friends we have, in choices we take and in the free life we live. This action was a warning to all of us who forget or neglect how rich we really are because this is not normal - many don't have these gifts and never will. Therefore, dear children, thank you for the wondrous lecture  you taught us which we shall cherish for the end of our lifes.

However, we also sang to the doctors, personnel of the hospital and the volunteers who help out in any way possible. You show us what is the real love towards those in need ones. With this concert we express our gratitude and respect for dedicating your lives to helping the ones in need.

Dear children, dear doctors, dear hospital's personnel and dear volunteers. You are not forgotten. You are a true example of brave and loving fighters and protectors of life. You recognize the happiness in small things and little everyday victories, ones we so often forget even exist. Thank you for the wonderful Saturday we spent together and we hope our action will reach others to offer their help.

Author: Juraj Fulir
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