Tour in Italy

In a few days we start our first tour.

We'll visit several Italian cities, but the roads will take us to our main destination - Rome.

Through those 5 days we'll have lots of performances and events. Therefore we invite You to follow us here on our official site and through social media.

The tour will last 5 days and the plan is following:

     Ferara - Asissi - Rome - Orvieto - Padua,

with apropriate performances and sightseeing of each city.

The main event of our tour will be an evening concert in the s. Salvatore in Lauro church in the center of Rome, co-organized by the Domenico Bartolucci Foundation.

And lastly, we're deeply grateful to all of our guests following us on our first tour, as well as to all of You following us through the electronic media.

Author: Juraj Fulir
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